Adult Faith Education

In recent times it has become generally accepted that education no longer ends when people finish compulsory schooling. This applies in the areas of religion, faith and spirituality as it does for work or recreation.

The General Directory for Catechesis emphasises that ‘Catechesis for adults, since it deals with persons who are capable of an adherence that is fully responsible, must be considered the chief form of catechesis.’

Today there are opportunities available through universities and dioceses for courses in religious education at diploma and post graduate level.

NCRS also offers courses, which are designed to increase understanding in faith and so contribute to growth toward maturity of faith, which is the goal of catechesis.

Walk by Faith

Walk by Faith is a course in personal formation that aims to help people deepen their understanding of and faith in God. 

Walk by Faith is designed to help participants to:

  • Know and understand self and their personal ‘story’.
  • Reflect on their experience of self in relationship to others and to God.
  • Know more about their own faith journey.


Understanding Sexuality

Understanding Sexuality: A Professional Development Course for Teachers in Catholic Schools, is designed to help teachers become confident and competent teachers of human development and sexuality from a Catholic perspective.


Catechetical Studies

A formation course for those preparing to teach in Catholic schools.

Catechetical Studies aims:

  • to assist those students who believe themselves called to the ministry of teaching, so as to prepare themselves for the part they will play in the mission of the Church through employment in a Catholic school.
  • to assist students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be able to teach the approved national Religious Education Programmes.