Parish Based Programmes

It is true that catechesis can be given anywhere, but I wish to stress, in accordance with the wish of very many Bishops, that the parish community must continue to be the prime mover and pre-eminent place for catechesis.

Catechesis in Our Time (1979 n 67)


Most of the catechetical activity at parish level revolves around catechesis for the sacraments e.g. the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or programmes for infant Baptism or for the preparation of young people for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist. The guidelines and resources for these come mainly from diocesan offices.

NCRS produces a number of programmes to support parish catechists in more general catechesis.

Early Childhood Programme

The Catholic Early Childhood Religious Eduaction Curriculum Statement is available form NCRS. Resources are being developed to support parents and parish groups in the religious education of pre-school children.


Parish Primary Programme (CCD)

The programme for parish primary Religious Education in Aotearoa New Zealand covers much of the same ground as the programme for Catholic Primary schools. It takes into account the differences in the parish setting, particularly the limited time available to catechists.


Parish Secondary Programme (CCD)

This programme is a joint production. The Training Manual and the Catechists Guides were produced by the National Centre for Religious Studies, while the Student materials come from the Catholic Education Centre of the Archdiocese of Wellington.


For adult programmes which parish groups, or individual parishioners, may enrol in see Courses.