About NCRS

The National Centre for Religious Studies is an agency of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference. The Director of NCRS is responsible to the Conference through the Conference’s Commission for the Church. The centre currently has three staff.

The Centre exists to plan curricula and to develop resource materials for Religious Education in the dioceses of the Catholic Church in New Zealand. This includes the official national religious education curricula for Catholic early childhood services, primary and secondary schools and courses for parish education at similar levels.

In fulfilling this mandate NCRS works in cooperation with the religious education offices in the six dioceses and with the New Zealand Catholic Education Office.

As part of its oversight of catechesis and religious education needs the Centre convenes regular meetings of diocesan consultants, advisers and co-ordinators of the various programmes.

NCRS also has oversight of the system of Certification of Religious Education teachers and leaders in special character for Catholic schools.

The imprimatur for all religious education curricula produced by NCRS is issued by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

NCRS provides– the outline for Catechetical Studies. This course for those intending to teach religious education in Catholic primary or secondary schools is offered in each of the diocese to those attending pre-service teacher training programmes at tertiary institutions.

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