Understanding Sexuality


Understanding Sexuality: A Professional Development Course for Teachers in Catholic Schools is designed to assist teachers to become confident and competent teachers of human development and sexuality from a Catholic perspective. It consists of four days of professional development.

Course Objectives

Understanding Sexuality aims to help teachers:

  • Adopt attitudes towards sexuality and related issues that reflect positively what the Catholic Church teaches regarding sexuality.
  • Explore through discussion, reading and group activities, a Catholic understanding of the nature of sexuality and sexual issues that includes:
    • sexuality as a gift
    • sexuality as affecting all aspects of the human person
    • sexuality as a fundamental component of the personality.
  • Reflect on their own sexuality.
  • More fully appreciate the relevance of Catholic teaching on sexuality for them today
  • Acquire the necessary skills and strategies to enable teachers to confidently teach the sexuality component of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum from a Catholic viewpoint.

Expectations and Requirements

For the successful completion of this seminar participants are required to:

  • attend in full the 4 day seminar
  • complete and submit the seminar evaluation forms at the end of Day 2 and Day 4
  • submit a written reflection, after Days 2 and 4. These are each worth an extra 12 credits for Certification. [These are optional]

Credits may contribute for Certification.


The usual format will comprise two 2-Day seminars. Presenters with appropriate expertise in particular areas of knowledge conduct sessions according to accepted principles of adult learning.

Course Content

Examples of the topics covered:

  • The Nature of Christian Love
  • Sexuality
  • Attitudes and Values
  • Christian Morality
  • Formation of Conscience
  • Church's Teaching on Sexuality
  • Morality and Sexuality
  • Sexuality, Intimacy and Communication
  • Marriage Relationship
  • Fertility Awareness and Contraception
  • Church teaching regarding homosexuality
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Bioethics
  • Sexuality and Realationships Education


Enquiries about enrolments should be addressed to diocesan Religious Education offices.