Early Childhood Religious Education (ECE)

The aim of Religious Education in a Catholic Early Childhood Service is to lead children to a loving personal relationship with God.

This is an awakening process in which the child experiences the love of God through family – whanau, parish, community, self-identity, the love of other people and creation.

Religious Education at early childhood level aims to help children:

  • develop a sense of wonder and awe at the world around them;
  • become sensitive to the spiritual;
  • come to know God’s unconditional love for them;
  • develop an awareness that God is present in them, in others and in all things;
  • appreciate that they are a gift from God;
  • have a sense of belonging to the Catholic community;
  • experience joy and ease in spontaneous prayer;
  • become aware of the attitudes and elements of celebration, ritual and worship.

Catholic early childhood religious education enables children to experience the love of God through the love and care with which each child is treated.