Secondary School Religious Education


It is necessary, therefore, that religious instruction in schools appear as a scholastic discipline with the same systematic demands and the same rigour as other disciplines. It must present the Christian message and the Christian event with the same seriousness and the same depth with which other disciplines present their knowledge.

General Directory on Catechesis n.73 (1997)




The officially approved national curriculum of Religious Education in Catholic secondary schools in Aotearoa New Zealand Years 9-13 is entitled Understanding Faith. This name gives an indication of the purpose of the curriculum, which is to help pupils gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Catholic.



The curriculum covers 5 years of secondary school (ages 13-17) and includes:

  • The Curriculum Statement.
  • A Student Text Book for each of the 28 Topics for years 9-12.
  • A Student Text Book for Year 13 .
  • One Teacher Guide for each Topic.
  • One Prayer Resource Book which is also available online.
  • Eight books dealing with Personal Development and Social Issues.
  • A Parent Book.
  • A student workbook for years 9 and 10.

Website support

FaithCentral is a website designed to support the Understanding Faith curiculum. It is available to both teachers and students.


All parts of the programme may be ordered directly from:

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Free phone: +64 0800 504 704

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