The Liturgy in Aotearoa New Zealand


"The liturgical year is the life of Christ lived out again in liturgical time - in the time and in the memory of his Church. While Sunday recalls the events of Easter, in the course of the year all the mysteries of Christ are made present: from His birth to the Passion, from His death to the Resurrection, and from His Ascension to Pentecost."

Liturgy is at the heart of who we are as the Body of Christ, alive and present in these islands of Aotearoa New Zealand.




Te Ropu Whakamaori Katorika - The Sunday Readings are now available in Maori and will be updated weekly. Sermons from Pa Hoana Dijkman are also available as provided.

Te Wa Noa Tuarua - Ordinary Time

Music during the season of Ordinary Time - Try these resources from Living Liturgy Ordinary Time Year A (September - November) 2017 liturgical music, prayer and information to enhance our Sunday Celebrations.

The Living Liturgy Music resources will now require subscription to be used in New Zealand. If you want to continue to receive and use this resource we encourage you to purchase a subscription to this resource. 


Universal and National Calendars 2017

6 - 13 August National Vocations Awareness Week
15 August The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Holy Day of Obligation
Patronal Feast of Aotearoa New Zealand
1 September World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
10-16 September Social Justice Week


Aotearoa New Zealand Ordo 2017

This Ordo is distributed by the National Liturgy Office on behalf of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference. It offers relevant page numbers of the New Zealand Roman Missal and Companion, The Interim Holy Week Book and the Jerusalem Bible Lectionary. The NZ Ordo 2017 is now published. Here is the information about the Ordo and how to order it or email Ramona Cortes, NLO Liturgy Assistant (

Plan ahead - pages for the coming months are offered here.
August 2017
September 2017


NLO Quick Guide

This newsletter offers a quick guide to current liturgy resources and events at the time of each printing. 
Issue 11 - May 2017 Please email for a free email subscription.
Issue 12 - July 2017


Prayer before an Election

This resource for Prayer before the forthcoming election that has been prepared for use in the Christchurch Diocese and offered for sharing.


"For Those Who Believe: Life is Changed not Ended" - National Liturgical Policy on the Order of Christian Funerals and Guidelines for Tangihanga

This publication is useful for priests, deacons, chaplains and members of the Catholic community who share in any form of bereavement ministry, as well as funeral directors. Priests, deacons and catechists who may be asked to assist at a tangihanga or laity who may be participating as friends will also welcome the accessible and informative catechesis.
Copies will be available from the National Liturgy Office, 09 3603058 or email
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A joint Catholic-Lutheran "Common Prayer" to commemorate 500 years of Reformation

The address of Pope Francis to the President and delegation of the Lutheran World Federation.
The press release from the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU).
The Lutheran Church of New Zealand Bishop's page.

Br Michael Herry fms & Tricia Walsh have just released their newly composed Hymn For Christian Unity: That They May Be One. The sheet music and audio are free to download but please acknowledge public use via your usual church music copyright licences.

Regarding the Guidelines for Burial and Conservation of Ashes in the case of Cremation

The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has reminded the Church that our Catholic practice is to treat a person's ashes as we would the body, that is, with care and reverence. In response, our NZ Catholic Bishops offer a statement to the Church in New Zealand.
Document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.
Response from the NZ Catholic Bishops.



Rite of Blessing for Expectant Parents and their Child in the Womb
Available from July 2016. Click here to be redirected to the NLO page which contains more information.

Team RCIA Webinars
These webinars are now available in New Zealand, free of charge, at a time to suit you and your team.  Contact your local RCIA National Network member for password.

Children's Liturgy of the Word
An online resource, offering preparation materials and liturgy outlines has been made available by the Liturgy Centre staff, Auckland.
The Wednesday Word is a website that consists of three complementary resources: 1) for parents, which provides a leaflet that encourages parents spend time reflecting on the coming Sunday's Gospel with their children, 2) for schools, encouraging schools families to use weekly material that allows the depeening of understanding of the Christian faith and Catholic Church, and 3) for the parish, which is designed to be distributed at Sunday Mass and contains the following Sunday's Gospel and a reflection.


Useful Information

Have you visited our Useful Information page?

Keeping Mercy Alive is a short reflection by Lesia Anslinger on knowing, sharing and keeping mercy alive even after the Holy Doors of Mercy have been closed and the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy has ended.

Together at One Altar is a free resource for school age children (Primary through Secondary) to develop their formation in Eucharist and assist in full, conscious and active participation in the Liturgy.

National Guidelines for the Celebration of the Eucharist and Pastoral Care of Those with Coeliac or Gluten Intolerance, approved by the NZCBC.

The Mass The Priest's Parts A Maori pronunciation Resource
The CD's have been prepared to assist priests who offer Mass in te reo Maori.
Contact Deacon Danny Karatea-Goddard


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The green quote at the top of the page comes from the book, The Liturgical Year, Inos Biffi, Liturgy Training Publications 2009.