Become One Body One Spirit in Christ - A catechetical introduction to the Roman Missal

What is it?

Become One Body One Spirit in Christ is an interactive DVD resource commissioned by the bishops of theInternational Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) to assist it member countries to introduce the Roman Missal (Third Edition). 


This comprehensive resource is offered by ICEL as a tool to assist the English-speaking Catholic communities around the world to prepare themselves for the introduction of the new Roman Missal.


As you delve into the depths of this resource you will become quickly aware of the enormous amounts of information at your fingertips. There are essays, interviews, Church documents, video clips and much more.

At first glance Become One Body One Spirit in Christ could be somewhat daunting in its size and scope. It is suggested that you consider this resource as you would a library: a place that you visit on a number of occasions either to browse for interest’s sake or to search out particular information.

Become One Body One Spirit in Christ is divided into five pathways:

  • Exploring the Mass
  • Receiving this English Translation
  • Crafting the Art of Liturgy
  • Celebrating the Eucharist
  • Living a Eucharistic Life

Each of these pathways has a number of sub-sections that take you more deeply into a particular topic.

There is no one way to use this resource; there is no one starting point. Each of the pathways is an independent topic. You can start at whichever point best suits your needs and requirements. The best way to approach this resource is just “to jump in boots and all”. I encourage you to click on the different links to discover where they take you. Play the various video clips. Read the excellent foundational essays. Browse through the numerous Church documents.

Once you have become familiar with how this resource works and how to navigate your way through the pathways and their options, then you are ready to plan how best to use Become One Body One Spirit in Christ to form and instruct your parish community, your ministers, yourself.

Become One Body One Spirit in Christ is a tool to help you. To make the most of it you need to use it. For those who are “at home” with computers and technology, this will be no problem at all; for those who are less comfortable with this medium, I suggest you just start “clicking” with your mouse; for those who are afraid of these things, find someone in your community who can assist you.


How can I use it?

This resource will be of use to:

  • Presiders.
  • Parish liturgy groups.
  • School liturgy groups.
  • Directors of Religious Studies.
  • Liturgical ministers: Musicians, Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion…
  • RCIA coordinators.

 Click on the following link for a process that can be used with different group: BOBOSC_Process.pdf

What's the cost? Where can I get a copy?

Become One Body One Spirit in Christ costs $NZ33.00 (GST and postage & packing included).

To order a copy of  Become One Body One Spirit in Christ send an email to:

Diocesan Assistance

Teresa Wackrow (Auckland)
09 360 3042

Fr Trevor Murray (Hamilton)
07 856-6807

Mark Richards (Palmerston North)
06 358-8079

Fr Patrick Bridgman(Wellington)
04 496-1796

Marianne Daly (Christchurch)
03 366-9869

Fr Anthony Harrison (Dunedin)
03 442-8414

Danny Karatea-Goddard (Te Runanga)
06 358-8079

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