Approved Mass Settings

 The Mass settings of preference for use in the Church in New Zealand are:

  • Roman Missal Chant Mass (New) by ICEL.
  • Mews Mass (New) also known as Mass of St Theresa by Douglas Mews.

The Bishops are also pleased to announced the approval of more Mass settings by local composers for use in New Zealand.


  1. The Hopetoun Mass by Fr Chris Skinner.
  2. The Millennium Mass by Bridget O'Shanassey.
  3. The Rejoice Mass by Suzanne Gasson.
  4. The Skerrit Mass by Peter Skerrit.
  5. The Cambridge Mass by Ross and Philippa Boyce.
  6. Mass of Hope by Maria Guzzo.
  7. The Correa Mass by Andrew Correa.
  8. The Hurley Mass by Margaret Hurley.
  9. Missa Brevis by Robert Loretz.
  10. The McCarthy Mass by Terry McCarthy.
  11. Mass of Hope by Maria Galbraith.
  12. Mass of Mary, Queen of Peace by Maria Guzzo.
  13. The Papaeioa Mass by Graham Parsons.
  14. The Saint Mary's Mass by Raymond White.

Those Mass settings that have music files available can be found in the right hand menu.

Unless otherwise advised, these compositions are offered to the Church free of charge, but copyright must still be acknowledged. For example:
Mass Setting: Mass of St Theresa. Music: copyright 2010 Douglas Mews. Text: Excepts from the English Translation of the Roman Missal copyright 2010 ICEL. All rights reserved.

Further information about the ministry of Copyright compliance can be found in the right hand menu.


The Bishops have approved the following international Mass settings for use in New Zealand:

1. Mass Jubilee (Revised) by Michael Mangan.
2. Mass of Celebration (New) by Michael Mangan.

These settings are particularly suited for Masses with children. They can be ordered directly from Michael's website.

The following settings can be purchased through Pleroma:

  1. Celtic Mass by Christopher Walker (Revised).
  2. Mass of Creation by Marty Haugen (Revised).
  3. Mass of St Francis by Paul Taylor (New).
  4. Mass of Glory and Praise  by Paul Mason (Revised).
  5. Belmont Mass by Christopher Walker (New)
  6. Mass of a Joyful Heart by Steve Angrisano (Revised)
  7. Mass of Christ the Redeemer by Bernard Kirkpatrick (New)
  8. Mass of Christ the Saviour by Dan Schutte (New)
  9. River Mass Australia
  10. Mass of Hope by Bernadette Farrell (Revised)
  11. Glastonbury Mass by Christopher Walker (Revised)
  12. Mass of Joy and Peace by Tony Alonso (New)
  13. Mass of New Life by Scott Soper (New)
  14. Heritage Mass by Owen Alstott (Revised).
  15. Mass of Our Lady, Help of Christians by Richard Connolly (New)
  16. Mass of Renewal by Curtis Stephan (New)
  17. River Mass Youth Australia
  18. Mass of the Holy Angels by Gerard Chiusmo (New)
  19. Mass of the Resurrection by Randall de Bruyn (New)
  20. Missa Ubi Caritas by Bob Hurd (Revised)
  21. Mass of the Little Flower by Mark Friedman and Janet Vogt (New)
  22. Mass of Thanks and Praise by Carey Landry (New)
  23. Mass of Joy and Peace by Tony Alonso (New)
  24. Mass of Light by David Haas (Revised)
  25. Mass of Remembrance by David Haas (Revised)
  26. Storrington Mass by Marty Haugen (New)
  27. Mass of Our Lady, Help of Christians by Richard Connolly (New)
  28. Mass Of the People of Peace by Andrew Chinn (New) 


Pleroma Christian Supplies works in conjunction with the National Liturgy Office to provide a convenient, user-friendly and one-stop shop for the purchasing of the new approved Mass settings.

You will be able to order these approved Mass setting online. The web address is:

For those who prefer to contact Pleroma Christian Supplies directly, the numbers are:
freephone: 0508 988 988
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