Prayer Resources

It is important for children to prayer spontaneously and to pray using prayers of the community.

The following prayers of the community provide a useful starting point:

Traditional Prayers

The Sign of the Cross
The prayer traditionally used at the start and finish of a time of prayer.

The Lord's Prayer
The prayer that Jesus taught his followers (Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4).

The Hail Mary
This prayer asking Mary to pray for us has been part of the Catholic tradition for centuries. 
It incorporates the angel Gabriel's and Elizabeth's greetings to Mary.

Blessings for Food:

We give thanks to God for the food that we recieve.
       Grace for Meals
       A Food Blessing

Blessings for Various Occasions: 

We ask God's blessing on people and events.
      A Blessing on a Child
      A Blessing when Leaving the House
      A Good Night Blessing

Prayer Rosters for 2012

Part of the tradition of the Catholic church is that feasts and celebrations are held at the same time around the world. People of God uniting in prayer. Prayer rosters enable local communities to join the universal church in celebrating both the major feasts of the year and the inspiring men and women we call saints because they show us ways to be God like.
Term 1                                        Term 2                                        Term 3                                        Term4