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The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference has published the liturgical books listed below.  For information about availablilty, price or purchase, please contact the Director of the National Liturgy Office.

NZ Roman Missal and Companion

$235.00, plus postage

Holy Week Book (Interim Edition)

This book is a compilation of readings and texts from the New Zealand Roman Missal, the Jerusalem Bible Lectionary, texts from the Roman Pontifical and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Texts for Palm Sunday, Chrism Mass and the Paschal Triduum are included. Useful for priests, Liturgy committees, catechists and musicians involved in preparing the ceremonies for this sacred season. Available for order from the National Liturgy Office.

$45.00 (including postage)


$38.00, plus postage

Rite of Blessing for Expectant Parents and their Child in the Womb
Ko Te Ritenga Whakapai i Nga Matua Me Ta Raua Tamaiti Kei Roto Tonu i Te Kopu

$12.00 per book, $15.00 per pack of cards, plus $5.00 postage

Aotearoa-New Zealand Ordo 

The Aotearoa New Zealand Ordo is a useful tool for those responsible for the preparation of the liturgy.  Each day notes the relevant reference to the New Zealand edition of the Roman Missal. This means that the priest or sacristan can mark the specific pages needed for the celebration of Mass on any particular day.

The New Zealand Ordo is one of a number of essential aids in the preparation of good liturgy.

$25.00 (including postage)

For Those Who Believe: Life is Changed not Ended - National Liturgical Policy on the Order of Christian Funerals and Guidelines for Tangihanga

This is policy, newly published by the NZCBC, recognises the challenges and sensitivity required of those involved in pastoral care for the one who has died and those who mourn within the Catholic community, in a manner that also respects cultural and family traditions.

$6.00 (plus $5.00 postage)

Other Essential Aids

The other important aids to the celebration of the iturgy are:

  • The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (see the New Zealand edition of the Roman Missal, 2010)

  • The General Norms for the Liturgical Year (see the New Zealand edition of the Roman Missal, 2010)

  • The General Roman Calendar (see the New Zealand edition of the Roman Missal, 2010)

  • The Proper Calendar for the Dioceses of New Zealand (see the New Zealand edition of the Roman Missal, 2010)

  • The Introduction to the Lectionary of the Mass (The Lectionary, Volume One: 1981)

  • The General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours (The Divine Office, Volume: 1971)