Hopetoun Mass

The Hopetoun Mass by Fr Chris Skinner sm

You maybe were wondering about the name for this new Mass setting. I composed the music in 2011 at the Marist Seminary in Hopetoun Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

The Mass has a strong melody and predictable rhythm suitable for guitar and works well unaccompanied. The seminarians picked up the melody quickly and could choose a starting note suitable to their range if sung without instruments. You will note the music is written and sung in the key of E but can be transposed easily to the key of D to suit most congregations. The Mass played with guitar maintains a slightly quicker tempo.
I am sure the setting could work equally well with organ and piano alone or with guitars.

You will notice the change of mood regarding the music in keeping with the liturgy and the text.

Target group for this new Mass Setting: Parish Sunday Liturgy, Youth and Secondary Schools.

Chris Skinner sm

The Hopetoun Mass – Lord, Have Mercy

The Hopetoun Mass – Alleluia

The Hopetoun Mass – Gloria, Holy Holy, Lamb of God

The Hopetoun Mass – Memorial Acclamations

The Hopetoun Mass – Doxology and Amen

The Hopetoun Mass – Amen

Lord Have Mercy
Alleluia (without verse)  
Alleluia (with verse)  
Holy, Holy  
Acclamations of Faith (1–3)  
Doxology and Amen  
Lamb of God