Catholic Prison Chaplains

Prison Chaplains minister to offenders of a wide range of crimes who have a lack of hope, a sense of failure, a lack of belonging and connectedness, and a lack of inner knowledge of who they are. But when they come to realise the impact of what they have done, no sentence, however long or harsh, will outweigh the reality and the awareness that they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Catholic Prison chaplains who minister in the name of the Bishop, are appointed by and accountable to their Diocesan Bishop to provide prison ministry services in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and to prison management for compliance with prison security and penal regulations.

There is at least one Catholic chaplain in each prison working as part of an Ecumenical Chaplaincy Team.

Below is a list of the currently appointed prison chaplains, in order of diocese:

Senior Prison Chaplain

Sr Veronica Casey PBVM

027 523 3983

Diocese of Auckland 

Halamehi Anae (Auckland Women's Prison)

(09) 250 9497

Deacon David Marshall (Auckland Prison East)

(09) 442 6848

Peter Hay-Mackenzie (Mt Eden Prison)

(09) 638 1700 ext. 2529



Ramon Manaloto (Auckland West)

(09) 442 6615

Reg Wills (Auckland South Corrections Facility)

(09) 250 5900

Gwen Tahana (Northland Regional Corrections Facility)

(09) 401 5862 

Diocese of Hamilton 


Deacon Viane Perez (Tongariro/Rangipo Prison)

(07) 384 7489 


Kelvin Hainsworth (Waikeria Prison)

(07) 872 6766 




Nick Bruce (Spring Hill Prison)

(07) 826 0300 ext. 97300

Diocese of Palmerston North 

Sean Ryan (Manawatu Prison) 

(06) 355 9314 

Sr Alisi Tu'ipulotu DOLC (Hawkes Bay Prison) 

(06) 872 8684 

Mary Anne Elliot (Whanganui Prison)

(06) 349 6911 


Sean Ryan (Whanganui Prison)

(06) 349 6887

Archdiocese of Wellington  



 David Wootton (Rimutaka Prison)

(04)  2336466

 Arohata Women's Prison

Appointment pending:


Diocese of Christchurch 


Peter Vincent Kennedy (Christchurch Men's Prison and Rolleston Prison)

(03) 345 6800 ext. 74200 (Christchurch Men's Prison)

(03) 347 3714 (Rolleston Prison)

Pita Makalio (Christchurch Men's Prison)

(03) 345 6800 ext 74200

Loanne Metcalfe (Christchurch Men's Prison)

(03) 345 7992



 (Christchurch Women's Prison)

Appointment pending


Diocese of Dunedin 


Christopher Mahoney (Otago Corrections Facility)

(03) 417 9322




 Paul Colvin (Invercargill Prison)

(03) 211 3456