Further Reading & Links

Listed here are some links to pieces that will help form a picture about how Catholic Prison Ministry Operates.

What our Bishops are saying:

NZ Catholic Bishops say reconciliation, not revenge, needed in prisons - 2009 Bishops Statement on imprisonment in New Zealand.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops statement:  Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice - An extensive statement from 2000 by the Bishops of America in which they speak out about the context of crime in America, and what the Church is called to do in response. 

Catholic Social Teaching:

Catholic Social Teaching: Preferential Option for the Poor

International organisations:

International Prison Chaplaincy Association

International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care

Reflection & Prayer

 Reflections: Linking Christian Ideas and Matters of Justice 

Jesuit site for Daily Prayer

Commentary on daily readings

'Libero: Meditation in Prisons'

Tui Motu Articles:

'Eye for eye makes the world blind' - Tui Motu, March 2014 -  Cathy Harrison writes about interviews held with people who have taken part in the process of restorative justice. Building on a theology of reconciliation and healing, it brings the possibility of change and fillip to reintegration to the community.

'God's justice, our justice' - Tui Motu, March 2014 - Phil McCarthy shows us that two paths to justice, as seen in the New Testament, are clearly laid out for us. Phil points out that the misunderstanding of divine justice as punitive has over-influenced our Western ideas of criminal Justice.

'The Growing Invisibility of Prisoners' - Tui Motu, March 2014 - Kim Workman, founder and strategic advisor for 'Rethinking Crime & Punishment' shares his view that society's attitudes towards prisoners is changing, and what he would do to improve rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

'Called to be whole-makers' - Tui Motu, July 2014 - Veronica Casey, Senior Catholic Prison Chaplain for Aotearoa New Zealand, examines the culture surrounding our prisons, and the way the media portrays those who have been imprisoned. Veronica also asks us to look at our own ideas and to become people of mercy; 'whole-makers'.