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Jubilee Year of Mercy

The Jubilee Year of Mercy is Pope Francis' invitation to all people to deepen their experience and witness to God’s merciful love in our homes, parishes, schools and the wider community.

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"May the coming Jubilee of Mercy encourage families everywhere to rediscover the power of forgiveness..." - Pope Francis





Particular to the Church of Aotearoa New Zealand


Morning and Evening Prayer of the Church for the Year of Mercy
The Communal Prayer Resource for Morning and Evening, is published by the Liturgy Centre, Auckland, for the Year of Mercy. The Supplement for Lent and the Easter Season for the Year of Mercy prayer resource is now available from the Liturgy Centre at $2.00 per copy.



The three key parts of the Jubilee Year of Mercy:

  • Make right your relationship with God - Kia tika to hononga ki te Atua
  • Make right your relationship with each other - Kia tika to hononga ki tetehi atu
  • Make right your relationship with the land - Kia tika to hononga ki te whenua


Uakina Te Kuaha O Te Atawhai - Throw Open The Door Of Mercy
Resources for Worship Throughout the Year

As information and resources continue to be passed to the National Liturgy Office, they will be updated on our Facebook Page


Music in the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Wise choices of liturgical music may enhance the assembly’s sung expression of a ‘yearning for God’s mercy’. In turn, this music may prompt acts of mercy in daily living.

Music from New Zealand Composers

Hymn - Will you offer me compassion? (Weir and Muse, Snr) composed by Rev John and Shirley Murray 
Hymn - Bread of Mercy, James B Lyons, to the Tune, Thaxted, I Vow To Thee My Country 
Hymn - The Voice of Your Mercy, Maria Guzzo.   (Words, MP3,  Accompaniment)
Psalm 103, The Lord Is Kind and Merciful, Maria Guzzo.  (Cantor, MP3, Accompaniment)

Hymn - Te Wa, Inspired by Misericordiae Vultus A Hymn of Mercy composed and written by students of Carmel College, Auckland, Jessica Rogers, Kate Howard and Nandita Bhatnagar for students in primary and secondary schools, will also be useful for parish and school Masses.  Scores (piano, vocal, lyric sheet) help with singing and piano accompaniment

A list of music resources has been compiled for the Year of Mercy from the hymnals most widely used throughout New Zealand. Some refrains have been marked as useful for singing in procession. Choose a small number of psalms and hymns to use repeatedly throughout the year.

Let us remember that every liturgy celebrates the abundance of God’s mercy. We need to balance the theme of Mercy with respect for the ongoing liturgical seasons and celebrations of the Liturgical Year. As always, choose hymns with discernment.

Official Hymn for the Jubilee
Merciful As Your Father
Click on Jubilee tab to access sheet music and pdf. Listen to it here

Year of Mercy Music Resources from Willow Publications 


Resources for use in Schools and Parishes

Year of Mercy: This set of imaginative and creative resources, has been prepared by a team of dedicated and talented teachers, led by Sr Anna Nicholls RSM, for use in Catholic Schools. These resources will also be of interest to parishes and members of the wider Catholic community.

Hikoi of Mercy: The whole of the Year of Mercy is seen as a Hikoi, a pilgrimage that begins on 8 December 2015 and ends on 20 November 2016.  The map, resources, stories and images that contribute to this collection of resources will enrich the journey of your parish or community.  They are a taonga gifted to the National Liturgy Office by Monsignor Trevor Murray. Further contributions to this resource will be added as they arrive -

HIKOI MAP - enlarge this to suit your needs


GEMS OF MERCY - These 'gems' are mined from the work, writing or personal experience of acknowledged New Zealand Catholic writers and workers. New contributions will be added below throughout the year. Be inspired!

  from Sr Clare O'Conner, a member of the Cenacle Sisters community at Waikanae Beach. She is engaged in retreat work, spiritual direction and music ministry. She is a keen gardener and enjoys quilting.
  from Colin MacLeod
, who was a Director for Religious Studies at Kavanagh College in Dunedin for 22 years and was recently appointed Director of National Centre for Religious Studies & Head of Partnerships at The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand.
  from Sr Elizabeth Julian RSM, a Sister of Mercy teaching within The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand. 
  from Fit For Mission, June 2016 newsletter, on prison fellowship.
  from Liturgy, June 2016, a prayer in solidarity with prisoners.
  from WelCom, June 2016, on Matariki.
  from WelCom, April 2016, on burying the dead.
  from Sr Kathleen Rushton RSM, a Sister of Mercy who teaches Scripture for the Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand at the Christchurch Catholic Education Office.
  from Delia Ruane, Parish Program Adviser and Seasons of Growth Coordinator in the Religious Education team of the Auckland Diocese.
  from Fr Kevin Toomey OP, a member of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Committee for Interfaith Relations and the Catholic representative on the Auckland Interfaith Council Executive.
  from Br Kieran Fenn fms, Marist Brother, educator, and lover of God's Word
  from Fr Edwin Macmac, a priest from the Philippines, ministering in the Diocese of Hamilton
  from Joy Cowley, renowned author, poet and story-teller
  from Jan Routledge, Manager of De Paul House, Emergency Housing
  from John Kleinsman, Director of the Nathaniel Centre and Head of Research and Advocacy for the Catholic Insitute of Aotearoa

Messages from the Holy Father Pope Francis

A Youtube Video called "Be God's mercy", reminding us that we all need God's mercy, and that we also need each other's mercy.


Lent in the Year of Mercy

Reflections on Mercy: Lectio Divina for the Jubilee Year of Mercy from Broken Bay Diocese.

Lenten Moments of Mercy is an e-mail series that delivers fresh reflections based on the Scriptures of Lent and suggestions for Lenten actions and prayers. Click on the link to sign up and receive daily messages. 



Local Diocesan Websites

The National Liturgy Office website offers a list of liturgical resources.

Each diocesan office has its own website and some offer a programme for the Year of Mercy:
Palmerston North - The Year of Mercy Homily by Bishop Charles Drennan