Meet The Bishops

Bishops are appointed by the Holy Father. The pastoral care of a diocese is entrusted to a diocesan bishop (sometimes referred to as the Ordinary of the diocese). An auxiliary bishop assists the diocesan bishop. A coadjutor bishop has the right to succeed the diocesan bishop as Ordinary of the diocese.

Several neighbouring dioceses may constitute an ecclesiastical province, which is presided over by a bishop who is called the metropolitan.  A metropolitan is an archbishop, and the bishops of other dioceses in the province are called suffragan bishops.

Bishops normally offer their resignation to the Holy Father when they reach the age of 75. When their resignation is accepted they become an emeritus archbishop or bishop. There are currently six diocesan bishops, six emeritus bishops, and an emeritus archbishop in New Zealand.


Most Reverend
Stephen Lowe

Bishop of Hamilton
Most Reverend
Colin Campbell

Bishop of Dunedin
His Eminence  
John Dew
Archbishop of Wellington
Most Reverend
Patrick Dunn

Bishop of Auckland
Most Reverend
Barry Jones RIP

Bishop of Christchurch
Most Reverend
Charles Drennan
Bishop of Palmerston North

Bishop Barry Jones passed away on 13 February 2016. Fr Rick Loughnan has been appointed Diocesan Administrator for the Diocese of Christchurch. 

Officers of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference

  • President: Bishop Patrick Dunn 
  • General Secretary: Bishop Charles Drennan
  • Vice-President: Cardinal John Dew


Emeritus Archbishop and Bishops

His Eminence Thomas Williams Archbishop Emeritus of Wellington
Most Reverend Leonard Boyle Emeritus Bishop of Dunedin
Most Reverend Owen Dolan Emeritus Coadjutor Bishop of Palmerston North
Most Reverend Peter Cullinane Emeritus Bishop of Palmerston North
Most Reverend Robin Leamy SM Emeritus Bishop of Rarotonga
Most Reverend Basil Meeking Emeritus Bishop of Christchurch
Most Reverend Denis Browne Emeritus Bishop of Hamilton

Apostolic Nunciature

Most Reverend Martin Krebs
Apostolic Nuncio