Fr Allan Jones SM










Fr Allan Jones SM
Director 2006 -

"My mother was a newly-appointed CEC Promoter in our parish and I was a fresh-faced third former at St Bede’s College when the Catholic Enquiry Centre first opened for business in 1961 at 140 Austin Street.

The principles which have underpinned the Enquiry Centre since its beginning in 1961 – priests and people working together in faith, placing advertisements, recording responses, mailing the “free and confidential course” of booklets – have remained intact for 50 years.

Yes, we use today’s technology and expertise in their various forms, but we remember that the handing on of the Gospel is done by the Holy Spirit working through people of faith. Technology and expertise are at the service of this holy work.

May the Catholic Enquiry Centre continue to be involved in the evangelising work of the Church for many years to come."

Fr Allan Jones SM
Catholic Enquiry Centre