Cardinal Thomas Williams








Cardinal Thomas Williams
Director of Studies 1965-1971

"Forty-six years ago I reported in to Father Maurice Ryan, founding Co-Director with Father Brian Ashby, at 140 Austin Street, Mount Victoria. I exchanged the Enquiry Centre apostolate six years later for missionary service in Samoa. For those six CEC years I continue to offer to God fervent thanksgiving. That period was one of the most fulfilling in my more than half-century of priesthood.

It was a time twice privileged. Each weekend preaching at Masses in parishes, the length and breadth of the country, on the Centre’s work, I was privileged to meet with that remarkable prayerful and generous band of Catholics, the CEC Promoters and Sponsors. Each weekday, working at my Director of Studies desk, I was privileged to be in contact with wonderfully sincere men and women searching for relationship with God or seeking to reclaim a faith lost in earlier years.

That sense of privilege was joyfully deepened when, as happened so often, a letter arrived to tell of an enquirer’s becoming a Catholic, often after overcoming doubts and difficulties, even initial opposition from family and friends. I was ever conscious that such conversion or return to full membership of the Church was the fruit of sustained prayer; the prayers of the one studying the CEC booklets, accompanied by the prayers of CEC supporters.

My interest in the Centre’s work has never waned. With every newsletter and annual report I marvel at its continued success. Skilful use of advertising today reaches out as effectively as fifty years ago.
Thank God for the CEC’s fifty golden years. Thank God for the unfailing dedication of its Promoters and Sponsors. Thank God for the commitment and expertise of Director, staff and Advisory Board."

Ad multos annos
+Thomas Cardinal Williams