To reflect....

Reflection creates the space in which we are ready to receive the gift of prayer. To reflect is to provide the time and opportunity for an encounter with God, who teaches us to pray and who responds to our prayer.

Reflections on the Sunday Gospel 

Reflecting on the Sunday gospel helps us to enter into the Church’s cycle of prayer.


Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a centuries-old form of prayer which can be used by anyone.
This leaflet offers information and ideas on how to use Lectio Divina.


Prayer in the Busyness of Life

This Pastoral Letter outlines the many ways we can enter into reflection and prayer.


The Rosary

 The Rosary invites us to reflect upon events in the life of Christ, called “mysteries”.


A Shoreless Ocean

A pastoral reflection on suffering from
the New Zealand Catholic Bishops.



Music can be an aid to reflection and prayer, and hymns are sung prayers.


Daily Prayers

The bells of a monastery or convent were often the signal for the whole community to stop and pray.


Traditional Prayers

(in Maori and English)

Traditional Catholic prayers are a simple way to raise our hearts and minds to God.



Image Credits:
The Rosary - Catholic Diocese of Auckland Archives