Reflections on the Sunday Gospel

The liturgy of the Catholic Church provides a framework for reflection which is used by Catholics throughout the world.  Some people prefer to reflect upon the readings for each day; others reflect upon the gospel reading for Sunday during the week. Whatever method you choose, the readings are a great context for reflection.

3rd Sunday of Easter - 19 April 2015

The disciples were dumbfounded at the appearance of Jesus in their midst, and “their joy was so great they could not believe it”. He took a very simple step to convince them he was not a ghost, asking them for something to eat and then eating it in front of them (which presumably a ghost would not do)...  More


3rd Sunday of Easter, Year B
Luke 24:35-48
2nd Sunday of Easter, Year B
John 20:19-31
Easter Sunday, Year B
John 20:1-9
Passion Sunday, Year B
Mark 11:1-10 and Mark 14:1-15:47 (The Passion)
5th Sunday of Lent, Year B
John 12:20-30
4th Sunday of Lent, Year B
John 3:14-21
3rd Sunday of Lent, Year B
John 2:13-25
2nd Sunday of Lent, Year B
Mk 9:2-10