The Catholic Church in New Zealand has a range of resources available to assist those wanting information about the Catholic faith, whether or not they are members of the Church. This section provides information about the Church’s beliefs and teachings, related documents, study programmes, and statements from New Zealand’s Catholic bishops.

Details on functions of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference can be found in the NZCBC section.

Exploring Catholicism

Faith is a journey, made up of many stages. Whether a person is thinking of becoming a Catholic or has been a Catholic all their life there is always more to learn and questions to be asked.


Music can be an aid to reflection and prayer, and hymns are sung prayers.

The new Roman Missal

In November 2010 a revised English translation of the Mass will be introduced in New Zealand Catholic Churches. It better reflects the latest Latin edition, published in 2002, and seeks to reclaim the richness of the original Latin texts. More


Prayer is at the heart of the Church. In its various forms it is at once praise and thanksgiving, an appeal for mercy and hope in time of need. The Church has a range of resources to help people foster a habit of prayer that suits their lifestyle but which always leads to where the love of Jesus is most experienced.

'A Shoreless Ocean'

A seven-part reflection on suffering from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops, available in text or audio.


The rite of Baptism is the first of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church and marks the beginning of a person’s journey in faith with God.


In the Catholic Church getting married is a commitment made by a man and a woman to share their lives together in a permanent and faithful relationship.

Marriage Difficulties

Although Catholic marriage is considered a vocation and a lifelong commitment, sometimes a marriage breaks down. The Church is there to provide support, advice and guidance.


For Catholics the death of a loved one is understood in the light of the death and resurrection of Christ. 

Professional Standards

The New Zealand Catholic bishops have a National Office for Professional Standards, which conducts independent reviews of complaints and issues guidelines for Church employees and volunteers.


The Holy See

For news, updates and resource material from the Holy See visit the website of the Holy See 

For the Catechism of the Catholic Church:



Bishops’ Statements

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference regularly publishes statements on various issues affecting Catholics and the wider community.   More