To seek...

In every generation since time began, and in every part of the world, people have asked questions about the physical world and about themselves.

Asking these questions often makes us aware that deep within us there is a desire which reaches beyond ourselves, seeking a connection with the infinite that we may find difficult to express.

We have a capacity for the infinite which can be obscured by the details of our busy lives. An infinite God never ceases to call us to seek him, and we find there are surprising moments in our lives when we become aware of being drawn towards that infinity.

Our own human reason can make us aware of the existence of God. But there is another level of knowledge and understanding which God has made available to us and which enables us to respond to the infinite beyond our own natural capacity. God’s own revelation to us is an invitation to faith, to freely assent to the truth which God has revealed. Faith is a journey, embracing a lifetime of phases and stages. 

Who are you really? A seekers guide to faith by Bishop Peter Cullinane is a journey into faith. The book is presented here on this site.  The sections can be explored in sequence, in response to your interest, or according to where your journey in faith has taken you.


"What Catholics Believe" is a series of free booklets for those who want to find out more about the Catholic faith. They can be ordered from the Catholic Enquiry Centre’s website

If you are thinking about becoming a Catholic, would like to find out more, or would like a personal answer to your questions please contact:

The Catholic Enquiry Centre
PO Box 6343, Wellington 6141, Phone: 0800 328 437,

“Walk by Faith” is a three-year distance learning course from the National Centre for Religious Studies that aims to help people deepen their understanding of and faith in God. The course is designed to help you to know and understand yourself and your ‘story’, reflect on your experience of yourself in relationship to others and to God, and know where you are on the journey of faith.

“Catholics Returning Home is a parish-based programme for Catholics who have been inactive or non-practising and are considering “returning home”. It operates regularly in the Christchurch Diocese, and in a number of other parishes throughout the country.