All families are broken AND blessed

New Zealand particpants will be sending posts from the Synod on Marriage and the Family in Rome this month. Here is a post from Cardinal John Dew.

We are now into the second week of the Synod and have two full days in the language groups. The work is difficult and it is hard to see where we are going and what kind of document will come out of this Synod. However, there is a real desire on behalf of all to do the best for families around the world and to show the Church's teaching on families has something rich, and full of hope.

Many are talking about ways to help our families pray together, to use Scripture to inspire their daily lives and for the Church to be alongside them when life is difficult. I heard a wonderful appeal for "family friendly parishes" which is what we all want. This particular bishop spoke about the fact that all families are broken AND blessed, they try to support and protect one another and the Church's role is to be there to support them and assist them to see Jesus in their lives. Then he appealed to us and said "Let us, as bishops, be loving parents to our families too."

Cardinal John Dew is Archbishop of Wellington and President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.