Hope never disappoints

On the second full day in the Synod Hall we have listened to 71 Interventions throughout the day and then another 16 “free Interventions” in the last hour of the day. Needless to say there has been a huge variety, some very pastoral and with good suggestions as to how to deal with some problems, some defensive and saying that this cannot change at any cost. Whenever someone speaks from his heart and from a very real pastoral experience it is almost possible to feel the change as a real life experience is spoken about, the compassion, concern, love and support for those in difficult pastoral situations is easily felt.

I gave my own Intervention today and it seemed to be well received by most. I basically said that we have to change the language which is used in various Church documents so that people do not see and hear the Church judging or condemning, passing out rules and laws, but rather showing concern and compassion and reaching out to help people discover God in their lives. I quoted St John Paul and the Catechism of the Church and two interventions after me another archbishop gave almost exactly the same intervention and used the same quotes. So at least two of us think the same.

The gist of an intervention which inspired me was along these lines:

Hope does not disappoint, therefore our primary task is to give hope and restore confidence to married couples and families. Families who suffer have a deep desire to be inspired by the Church and to be given life and hope, they want to be welcomed and loved. They already know sacrificial love because of their problems, therefore we are to reach out and give hope and support. Let’s give them HOPE remembering that hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out by the Holy Spirit.

With thanks for your prayers everyone and every blessing