We are called to put ourselves alongside our sisters and brothers in the spirit of the Good Samaritan

There were some wonderful interventions yesterday afternoon, and some which appeared to be more of a lecture, or an intellectual exercise for those giving them. I know of course that it is essential for us to know the Scriptures, the Church Fathers, various documents, but for some it seemed that they were quoting such sources without any reference to the real life situations of families throughout the world.

However, the flowing ideas were very good to hear:

“Some see the Church as a hard and unresponsive mother, therefore the challenge is to be able to share Church teaching in such a way that it is better understood and accepted, this demands that we adapt our language to make it better understood. The language we use needs to be more pastoral and to speak to the situations where people live. The suggestion was that we look for ways to tell our story loud and clear, to really celebrate engagements, marriages, Marriage anniversaries, and use such opportunities to tell the story of God present in our lives through all of those occasions.”

From Cardinal Peter Erdo, “In a real way, we are called upon, above all, to put ourselves alongside our sisters and brothers in the spirit of the Good Samaritan, being attentive to their lives and being especially close to those who have been “wounded by life and expect a word of hope, which we know only Christ can give us” (John 6;68). The world needs Christ. The word needs us too, because we belong to Christ.

Every Blessing