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Prayer in the Busyness of Life

The Church had hardly begun when the Apostles realized that the demands of administration were distracting them from their duty to the...

Faith Alive!

We live in a special time in history, 2,000 years after the coming of Jesus Christ.

Joy as Suzanne Aubert declared ‘venerable’

Suzanne Aubert, the founder of the Sisters of Compassion New Zealand’s home grown order of Sisters, has been declared ‘venerable’, a major...

Guidelines for burial of ashes in the case of cremation

The loss of a loved one is a significant time for every family.

FCBCO Port Moresby August 2016 2web

Catholic Bishops support the West Papuan people

Catholic Bishops support the West Papuan people’s desire to participate in the Melanesian Spearhead Group

Bishops look to new phase of Catholic volunteering in Pacific

From carpenters rebuilding schools in Solomon Islands to nurses helping manage community clinics in Tonga, Catholic volunteers have been making an important...

Nationwide celebration of Catholic Schools

The Catholic community prepares to celebrate Catholic Schools day and the Chief Executive of Catholic Schools, Paul Ferris, says ahead of the...