Catholic Bishops offer prayerful support to new Anglican Archbishop

Archbishop John Dew has welcomed the news of the election of Anglican Archbishop Phillip Richardson.

“I was delighted to hear of the appointment of Bishop Philip Richardson as the Archbishop of the Tikanga Pakeha of the Anglican Church. I have known Bishop Philip for several years and have been with him at many meetings and gatherings of the Anglican and Catholic bishops. Philip will bring with him to this new role great leadership skills, a sharp mind, a great interest in people and a deep and committed relationship with the Lord. It is this relationship with the Lord which will speak volumes to the people he is called to serve in a new way, said Archbishop John Dew, President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference.

“I am honoured to wish Philip every blessing on behalf of the Catholic Bishops and, indeed, of the Catholic Church in New Zealand. We offer him our prayerful support, he said.

“The Anglican and Catholic church leaders have enjoyed a collegiality which we have greatly appreciated, these strong ties will no doubt continue under Archbishop Richardson’s leadership and we look forward with great hope and faith to the fruits of this collegiality, he said.

“No doubt Archbishop Richardson will bring his many gifts not only to the Anglican Communion but also to New Zealand society. He said.