2024 NZ Catholic Directory print edition available now

The 2024 print edition of the New Zealand Catholic Directory has been published and is being distributed now through diocesan offices, parishes and to people who pre-ordered a copy.

The always-popular print edition is a spiral-bound booklet that costs $40 (including postage and GST). It is very handy, robust and laid out in a logical format with a good index. It is up-to-date to the moment of printing, and most entries do not change during a year.

The Directory is also available online via a separate subscription that costs $25.30 (GST inclusive) for 12 months’ access for each subscriber. The Online Directory is currently being updated, a task expected to be finished by late April.

You can subscribe to the print edition of the NZ Catholic Directory by sending an email with your name and details including postal address to: directory@nzcbc.org.nz

Subscribe to the Online edition at https://directory.catholic.org.nz/register/ or by sending an email to directory@nzcbc.org.nz