Pure Love speaker to visit Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch

During National Youth Week (22-30 May) young Catholics and their parents will hear about sexual purity from Theology of the Body speaker Jason Evert.

Starting on Sunday, the Californian-based speaker will visit Auckland (23-24 May), Hamilton (25-26 May) and Christchurch (27 May) to address local Theology of the Body presenters and youth leaders, Catholic school students, parents and the wider community.

Mr Evert will deliver public seminars called “Romance Without Regret” and “Raising a Teenager in the 21st Century”. Topics he will cover include personal dignity, reserving sexual activity for marriage, and the influence of the internet, television, advertising and pornography on teenagers and pure living.

He will offer communication techniques, resources, statistics, and a wealth of information to assist parents/caregivers in their task as the primary sex educators of their children.

Mr Evert is a speaker and author for apologetics and evangelisation website, Catholic Answers, and established the Pure Love Clubs movement. He has qualifications in theology and counselling and has written nine books including If You Really Loved Me, Pure Love, and Theology of the Body for Teens. He and his wife Crystalina also host The Pure Life on EWTN.

Mr Evert says he does not “come wagging a finger” at his young audiences, but rather respects them and loves them.

“What I try to do is wed life and love together and show how they’re really inseparable. I think teens get it - they get the message,” he says.

For information on Jason Evert events contact
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