Nominations called for 2022 Delargey Awards for young Catholics

Cardinal Delargey3

The NZ Catholic Bishops Conference is calling for nominations for the 2022 Delargey Awards for significant and outstanding contributions made in the field of Catholic ministry with young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The awards are named in honour of Cardinal Reginald Delargey (1914-79), Bishop of Auckland, then Archbishop of Wellington in the 1970s, who was noted for his work with young Catholics.

The awards aim:

• To provide recognition for ministry workers and supporters of ministry with young people in New Zealand
• To educate the community about ministry with young people
• To raise the profile of Catholic ministry with young people in New Zealand
• To recognise the place of long-term involvement in Catholic ministry with young people

The inaugural award ceremony took place in 2004, with awards presented biannually after that.

The Nomination Process

To nominate a person for an NZCBC Delargey Award

1. Complete the nomination form online at this link

2. Ask a second person to write a letter of recommendation and provide a copy via email to

The nomination is not eligible without the additional letter of recommendation from a second person.

Nominations (with letters of recommendation) are due by close of business on 7 April 2022

More details in this PDF file.

Previous Delargey Award recipients with categories

2020: Antje Duda, Christchurch, Justice and Service; Susana Fiu-Fetalai, Auckland, Pastoral Care; Jennifer Martinez and Sam Mano, Auckland, Pastoral Care and Leadership Development; Dave Mullin, Palmerston North, Advocacy

2018: Delphina Soti, Auckland, Justice and Service; Pesamino Tili, Dunedin, Community Life

2014: Linda and Paul Darbyshire, Palmerston North, Pastoral Care; Norma Bellamy, Palmerston North, Pastoral Care.

2016: Anne and Andy Lovell, Wellington, Evangelization; Joanne Bell, Dunedin, Catechesis, Prayer and Worship; John Rogers, Wellington, Advocacy.

2012: Fr Mark Chamberlain, Dunedin, Community Life and Pastoral Care, Fr Frank Bird SM, Auckland, Leadership Development; Ron Allen, Palmerston North, Leadership Development and Community Life

2010: Br Doug Dawick FMS, Auckland, Pastoral Care; Tina Shore, Auckland, Pastoral Care; Michael O’Sullivan, Michael Buchanan, Kirsty Campbell, Palmerston North, Pastoral Care

2008: Kitty McKinley, Wellington, Justice and Service; Br John Paul Wilson FMS, Auckland, Evangelisation; Susie Jorgensen, Dunedin, Pastoral Care

2006: Mary Bennett, Palmerston North, Catechesis; Philippa Pidd, Wellington, Advocacy; Raylene Dwyer RSM, Christchurch, Leadership Development

2004: Gil Price, Auckland, Advocacy; Kevin and Helen Plant, Wellington, Leadership Development; Fr Peter Fahy, Palmerston North, Community Life

Each award indicates the component of ministry with young people in which the significant contribution is being recognised.

Go here to read a biography of Cardinal Delargey in PDF format.