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Chemical Contraception: The Dangers and Fallacies

A background paper to the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference Pastoral Statement “Giving life, giving love”

Catholics and Family Planning

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference is grateful to the Catholic Enquiry Centre (Australia) for permission to adapt and reprint its original publication.

Working for Life

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, the world is still reeling from the economic uncertainty that characterised the...

Code of Ethics for Church Volunteers

Volunteers are to be personally accountable for their decisions and actions so as to create a safe and supportive environment in working...

Towards Priesthood

He now went up onto the mountain and summoned those he wanted.

Healing Love - In support of Married People and Divorced Catholics

IntroductionThe well-being of married people and of those whose marriages have failed is the concern of all Catholics.

Children are Precious Gifts

“Our basic Christian teaching applies equally to children as to adults:every person is made in the image and likeness of Godand therefore...

To the Young Adults of the Catholic Church in New Zealand

There can be no Church without you, just as there can be no New Zealand without you.

Catholic Religious Education goes Digital

A new digital interactive Religious Education resource will be introduced in Catholic primary schools around the country in 2010.

New Zealand Catholic Bishops feel more connected to Pope following visit

New Zealand bishops were grateful to have discussions with Cardinal Oscar Rodrigues over the weekend in Wellington soon after the inaugural meeting...