Bishops grateful for prayer and concern following earthquakes

Bishop Patrick Dunn said today, “On behalf of my brother bishops I would like to thank all those who have sent messages of sympathy, concern, solidarity, prayers, and offers of generosity following the major earthquake on Sunday night and the subsequent aftershocks,”

“The earthquakes which caused two fatalities, have also caused widespread damage to buildings, but more significantly have taken a mental and emotional toll on people, in particular those who experienced the ongoing earthquakes in the Canterbury region in recent years. However all of us throughout the country have been heartened by the stories of kindness, generosity and the ways in which people have gone to great lengths to help and support people who’ve been stranded or displaced from their homes, and visitors to our country.

“Many in the areas most affected face uncertainty over their homes and livelihoods. We ask everyone to keep these people in your prayers.

“While the emergency services, defence force and other first responders have been working to get people to safety and shelter with supplies, there will be in time more to deal with in terms of rebuilding and resuming life and work in these areas.”

If you wish to offer donations to help support those affected, you can donate to the following;

Contributions towards Earthquake Relief:
If you wish to make a donation to the Diocese to help those suffering from the result of the earthquakes this week, then donations can be made to : Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, account number: 03-0802-0948733-22 ad reference “EQ Donation”. These funds will be used to help those within the affected area of the Diocese. To receive a tax receipt please email

To donate to the Wellington Archdiocese directly contact Caritas online via or call 0800 22 10 22

For those in Auckland, The Catholic Caring Foundation is collecting donations to be distributed to the two Dioceses affected, Christchurch and Wellington. You can donate in the following ways;
by post: “The Catholic Caring Foundation, Private Bag 47904, Auckland 1144” or please place in the new mail-tray marked ‘Quake Appeal’
or by Direct Credit: BNZ 02-0100-0242648-000. Please include your first and last name as a reference and QUAKE as the code. For a receipt, email including your mailing address or donate securely online: to Please specify that your donation is for the QUAKE appeal.