Read your Catholic media online during the Covid-19 lockdown

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Magazine-style Catholic media such as WelCom, NZ Catholic and Tui Motu are still unable to produce their usual printed editions but are available online until Covid-19 restrictions are reduced further. It may require the ability of churches to reopen before normal distribution can resume. NZ Catholic has been able to print its latest issue, for postal subscribers only.

Many Catholic publications including CathNews are available online and we are linking to them from this page, plus providing PDFs for you to download where possible.

Click here for the NZ Catholic 31 May-13 June edition.

Click here for the NZ Catholic 17 May edition.

Click here for the NZ Catholic 3 May edition.

Click here for the WelCom May edition.

Read CathNews online here, published twice weekly. 

Read the May issue of Tui Motu Interislands magazine here online, and here as a PDF.

Father John O'Connor's popular blog Food For Faith is renewed each day.

Click  here for the April 19 issue of NZ Catholic in PDF format; and here for the April 5 issue; from Auckland Diocese.

Click here for the NZ Catholic website.

Click here for the April issue of WelCom in PDF format, from Wellington Diocese.

Click here for the WelCom website. Read the Easter (April) issue of Tui Motu Interislands here in PDF format. The Dunedin-based independent Catholic magazine's website carries a daily Lockdown Thought which you can find here.

And read the latest issue of the Tablet here in PDF, from Dunedin Diocese.

Here in PDF is the latest Inform, from the Christchurch Diocese.

Read in PDF the latest issue of Liturgy Magazine, the quarterly magazine of the Liturgy Centre of the Auckland Diocese.

Read Kete Korero, official publication of the Hamilton Diocese.

The Nathaniel Centre  -- the NZ Catholic Bishops' bioethics centre -- has just published its latest Nathaniel Report. Read it here in PDF.

• And don’t miss out on Online Mass. The National Liturgy Office has links to many Masses around New Zealand  (and the Pope’s daily Mass in Rome) on this special page.