Guidance for Catholic schools on gender diversity in schools

The National Centre for Religious Studies is providing guidance to Catholic schools throughout New Zealand on gender complexity.  The guidance, endorsed by the NZCBC, is for Principals, Boards of Trustees, staff and whānau and provides a point of reference in the support and accompaniment of children and young people who may be experiencing gender dysphoria in our schools.

National Centre for Religious Studies Director, Colin MacLeod says “This document is intended to provide appropriate and practical guidance regarding this complex issue in our schools. It does not cover every aspect but acknowledges the need to treat every person with love and respect and to support students in their growing self-identity in a kind and sensitive manner.”  

”Gender Complexity in Schools”, guided by faith, spirituality and the sacraments, sets out principles for the Catholic school community which has a responsibility to ensure that all young people are respected and accepted.

The document is available online at

“Each and every person, female and male, is created in the image and likeness of God and is to be accepted as a gift and blessing of God.” (Donum Vitae, Part II, A,1).