Bishops create special webpage for Jubilee 2025 – Pilgrims of Hope

The NZ Catholic Bishops Conference has created a special online page of resources for parishes and individuals to use as we walk together towards Jubilee 2025–Pilgrims of Hope.

Pope Francis has declared 2025 as a year of Jubilee with the theme Pilgrims of Hope, giving voice to his desire for the year to foster a greater sense of global sisterhood and brotherhood, solidarity with the poor, and caring for the environment.

Internationally, preparations for Jubilee 2025 are underway. The Vatican’s Dicastery for Evangelization has prepared supporting resources and has asked local bishops’ conferences to promote and distribute these as well as to collaborate in the preparation of local opportunities. In response, the NZCBC has created this informative, indexed webpage dedicated to Jubilee 2025. It contains background information, links to online resources, and links to other websites for a broader coverage.

The page is here:

All parishes are encouraged to learn the newly composed hymn as well as incorporating the Jubilee Prayer in their gatherings. Both are among the many resources on our Jubilee webpage.

The page will be updated regularly. We invite everyone to explore the contents and become familiar with what is planned for the Jubilee. This includes advice and guidance for people planning to travel to Italy next year for the pilgrimage which is part of the year.

During 2024, the focus for the People of God is on prayer and study. In 2025 the focus shifts to the People of God making a Pilgrimage of Hope. There’ll be more details about the Jubilee Year when Pope Francis publishes his special Papal Bull on the subject, expected on 9 May (next month). The Papal Bull will also be published on our Jubilee webpage.

Each diocese will be invited separately to identify representatives to meet with the Jubilee National Delegate, currently Catherine Gibbs, to develop local responses to this wonderful, hope-filled event.

“The forthcoming Jubilee can contribute greatly to restoring a climate of hope and trust as a prelude to the renewal and rebirth that we so urgently desire; that is why I have chosen as the motto of the Jubilee, Pilgrims of Hope.” – Pope Francis.