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13. In the Marketplace

Are you in danger of being used, or of using others? In the context of social and economic life, individualism translates as...

16. Body/Person

How does your body belong to who you really are? It reveals your presence.

19. Keeping in Touch

Bring your body along with you. Rather, let it bring you.

22. Led By the Spirit

Jesus anticipated that you would need the Holy Spirit to enable you to recognize and properly interpret God’s action in the world...

25. A Deeper Solidarity

Is there any need greater - other than food, clothing, and shelter - than the need to belong? At the end of...

28. Catholic

How Christian is Christian? The core of all Christian life, and the life of all Christians, is the presence of the risen...

Appendix: Interpreting the Bible

You might wish to reflect further on who you really are by using the Bible.

Sunday Reflection: Weekend of 2 July 2017

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time | Year A

Sunday Reflection: Weekend of 23 July 2017

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time | Year A

Suzanne Aubert4

National day of celebration marks Suzanne Aubert’s progress to sainthood

The Sisters of Compassion and the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference have announced the first Sunday of October as a day of...