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Pastoral Letter to the Catholic People of New Zealand for the United Nations Year of Tolerance

IntroductionThe United Nations Year of Tolerance challenges the Church to renew its commitment to the Gospel in a spirit of openness to...

Penal Reform

In every society there are injustices that cry out for the community to recognise and redress.

Prayer in the Busyness of Life

The Church had hardly begun when the Apostles realized that the demands of administration were distracting them from their duty to the...

Pastoral Letter on the Rosary

Do you sometimes catch yourself wondering what God is really like, or what God thinks of you? Well, God has answered both...

Holy Days of Obligation in New Zealand

"....... today, I would strongly urge everyone to rediscover Sunday: do not be afraid to give your time to Christ! Yes, let...

Traditional Prayers

Prayers in common use with Māori translation.

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End of Life Choice Bill will erode end of life choices

“We have grave concerns about the unintended consequences of the proposed legislation”, warns Director of The Nathaniel Centre and bioethics researcher Dr...