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Catholic Principal and Prison Chaplain celebrated in honours list

Long-time principal and teacher of St Joseph’s Maori Girls College has received the country’s highest honour.

Cardinal Dew Challenges MPs on Euthanasia

Cardinal Dew spoke on behalf of the bishops of New Zealand to the written Submission to the Health Select Committee on their...

Bishops delighted Cardinal appointed to Congregation for Divine Worship

The New Zealand Bishops were informed of Pope Francis’ decision to appoint Cardinal Dew to the Congregation for Divine Worship during their...

“All views on assisted suicide matter” says Bioethics spokesperson

Director of The Nathaniel Bioethics Centre, Dr John Kleinsman, is surprised and appalled at the disingenuous tactics being employed by assisted suicide supporters.

Video: “Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Real Life Implications”

Euthanasia/assisted suicide is once again a topic of debate in New Zealand as we await the upcoming findings from the Health Select...

Bishop Barry Jones passes away

“It is with great sadness that we heard today of the passing of Bishop Barry Jones.