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History Pre 1840

When New Zealand was declared a colony in 1840, there were no more than 500 Catholics in the country.

2. Two Ways of Seeing

When you look out on the world at the beginning of each new day, there are two ways of seeing it.

5. Choosing to See

You’ve got a choice in all this.

8. Injustice, Suffering, and Death

How much you matter to God is revealed even more through the mysteries of sin and suffering.

11. Your Future

If you had asked the apostle Paul to say who you are he probably would not have looked to your origins and...

14. You and the Common Good

So what is the role of government? If the dignity of every person really is paramount, then the proper role of government...

17. Responding to God in Your Life

God’s first word to you called you into existence.

20. The Heart of the Journey

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to know that the core experience of journeying into reality is the same for you as it...

23. Entering the Sufferings of Others

You are never more yourself than when you are “for others.” It is part of your journey into reality.