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When Dreams Die

Hope and joy are born of compassion. The compassionate show the face of God to a world in which sadness, doubt and...

A Shame We Share

A re-issued Statement by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference on the use and abuse of alcohol.

Dignity, Love, Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Care, Not Judgement, For AIDS Victims

A statement by the national office of Catholic Communications with the approval of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops.

The Honest Answer

The appearance of the infectious disease known as AIDS heralds a great suffering.

Health and Moral Education

What kind of life should I lead? What kind of person should I be?

Violence against Women and Children

We can only hope to overcome the escalating violence against women and children in our society if we are prepared to admit...

A Consistent Ethic of Life - Te Kahu-O-Te-Ora

We live in a world of extraordinary beauty, blessed with wonderful gifts by our Creator, and containing life, love and diversity in abundance.

Giving Life, Giving Love

The compassion we experience for any person in distress or suffering anxiety includes women who are distressed at the prospect of a pregnancy.

Statement by Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops - Ahmed Zaoui

Urging the Government to urgently consider the situation of Ahmed Zaoui who has been held without charge in custody for almost two years.