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Catholic Religious Education goes Digital

A new digital interactive Religious Education resource will be introduced in Catholic primary schools around the country in 2010.

Catholic Education of School-Age Children

The Catholic Education of School-Age Children is a document about our Catholic education system.

To the Young Adults of the Catholic Church in New Zealand

There can be no Church without you, just as there can be no New Zealand without you.

The Protection of Children

We rejoice in the fact that there are very many wonderful families in which parents surround their children with the life and...

World Youth Day

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Children are Precious Gifts

“Our basic Christian teaching applies equally to children as to adults:every person is made in the image and likeness of Godand therefore...

International Year of Disabled Persons

We, the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand call on all Catholics to provide a strong and positive Christian response to the International...