Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023 Resources


           Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2022 (21 May-28 May 2023)
                                               Biblical Text for 2023:
                                    "Do good; seek justice." (Isaiah 1:17)

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere between Ascension Sunday and Pentecost Sunday, so from 21 May to 28 May in Aotearoa New Zealand for 2023.

The World Council of Churches and the Holy See’s Dicastery for Christian Unity jointly oversee the preparation of the resources for the Week of Prayer

The resources are intended for parishes, schools, and any group which may be able to make use of them. The Eight Days of Prayer is particularly suitable for use by individuals.

The chosen theme for this year’s Week of Prayer is "Do good; seek justice." (Isaiah 1:17) and represents the prophet Isaiah teaching us how we are to cure such ills as injustice, inequity and inequality. Pope Francis asks that we each give thanks to the Lord "who faithfully and patiently guides his people towards full communion, and let us ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten and sustain us with his gifts."

Each year a group in a different part of the world is invited to develop the resources. The theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023 was chosen – and the materials prepared – by a group convened by the Minnesota Council of Churches in the United States.

The Order of Worship has been adapted for use in Aotearoa New Zealand by members of the National Dialogue for Christian Unity (NDCU). The NDCU member churches are Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, and the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). A number of ecumenical organisations and other denominations such as the Salvation Army are associated as observers.

Please note that the Homily from Pope Francis is dated January. This is because the Week is celebrated in January in the Northern Hemisphere.

Click on each link to open the resources in a Word file:

1: Introduction to the Week of Prayer, its theme and texts.
2: Order of Worship adapted for Aotearoa New Zealand
3: Eight Days of Prayer
4: Pope Francis Opening Homily for Week of Prayer 2023
5: Pope Francis Closing Homily for Week of Prayer 2023

These links take you to JPG slides for social media and similar:

6: Landscape format 2023 WPCU slide

7: Portrait format 2023 WPCU slide