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Bishops' Lenten Appeal 2011

Letter to Catholics from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops4 March 2011

Pastoral Letter on Baghdad Attack

The New Zealand Catholic Bishops are deeply saddened by the recent hostage-taking and killing of worshippers by extremists who invaded the Syriac...

A Consistent Ethic of Life - Te Kahu-O-Te-Ora

We live in a world of extraordinary beauty, blessed with wonderful gifts by our Creator, and containing life, love and diversity in abundance.

Care, Not Judgement, For AIDS Victims

A statement by the national office of Catholic Communications with the approval of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops. 

Foreshore and Seabed Legislation

Expressing support for the position taken by various church organisations in their submissions on the Foreshore and Seabed legislation.

Foreshore and Seabed

The Crown is required by the Treaty of Waitangi to act in good faith towards Maori, which must mean honest dialogue with...

Mindful of the Common Good

All citizens ought to be mindful of their right and their duty to promote the common good by using their vote.

For a Just Peace in Palestine

Like Christians everywhere, we, the Catholic Bishops of Aotearoa/New Zealand hold a special place in our hearts for the Holy Land and...

A Statement on the Treaty of Waitangi in Today's Perspective

During 1995 especially our country has been faced by the question of justice in the settlement of grievances resulting from past failures...

Employment Contracts Legislation - a Catholic Response

This year the Church commemorates an event of great importance, whose prophetic value has been confirmed with the passing of time: the...