Pompallier's People

Journeying together, on the road toward unity, bringing about unity even as we walk

“Among Christians, unity is always greater than conflict” was the title the Vatican News Service gave the conclusion of the 47th Week...

A man for the time

I was in the Cheviot Four Square store a few weeks ago and as often happens a conversation at the check-out soon...

He can’t be bought with money, or bribed with flashy things, and no-one can sway him from following the gospel

We are inspired. Inspired by someone who walks the talk, who practises what he preaches.

Pope Francis: what a gift to the church, a gift to the world

Never before have I known a Pope to be dinner table conversation, headline news, the topic of conversation in so many places...

Rome Sweet Home

I count it as one of life’s richest blessings that I have been living in Rome through the last year, the first...

Children – the hope of all humanity

Archbishop John Dew reflects on the children and families around New Zealand who live in poverty this Children’s Day.

St Valentine's Day

Archbishop John shares his homily from the Archdiocesan Mass celebrating St Valentine’s Day.

Faith the foundation of life at Te Ahi Kaa Young Adult Community

If I had been asked three years ago ‘Do you think you will ever live in community with other Catholic young adults?’ I would...

Debate about child hunger needed as numbers seeking food increase

Catholic Bishop of Hamilton Denis Browne supports the public debate on the food insecurity experienced by many New Zealand families.

Ecumenical Walk in the Year of Faith

Beate Matthies is a parishioner in the Auckland Diocese. Beate took part in the Ecumenical Good Friday Walk and reflects on this experience.