Church - a community where people know they are cared for

The work of the Circuli Minori (small groups) finished today and we present our reports tomorrow. As people are well aware media from all over the world are presenting the Synod as Conservatives vs Liberals, or Doctrine vs Mercy/Compassion, or Church is for the Perfect Vs Church is for those Struggling. There is certainly some of all of that in the talks over the last few days. It seems to me that the majority are very aware of the need for the Church to reach out in news ways to many who do struggle. I am sure that the mission of Pope Francis – even though some don’t like it - is to make the Church a place of love and welcome, a community where people know they are accepted and cared for. I think that will come through in the reports tomorrow.

At the beginning of the Synod I dedicated my work to Saints John XXIII and John Paul II, St Catherine of Sienna, and last Saturday in Assisi I asked the prayers of Saints Francis and Clare. They all knew what they were doing. All will be well.

With every blessing