Do we see ourselves as a gift to the Church?

Archbishop John Dew blogs from the Synod on the New Evangelisation for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.

Greetings again from Roma.

We have spent today at the Synod in small groups, the are 12 groups which you would actually hardly call small, 4 English groups, 3 Italian, 2 Spanish, 2 French and 1 German. It has actually been good to spend the day listening to and speaking in English. We spent the whole day drawing up propositions which will be reflected on by the whole Synod and eventually be voted on as to whether or not they are presented to Pope Benedict.

Our fiscal discussion this morning centered on the question regarding how we can help to develop a greater consciousness among ALL the baptised of their missionary and evangelising responsibility. This question took me back to the recent reflection day we had in our Cathedral when Sister Mary Franzmann PBVM led us in reflecting and praying on our Baptismal call. Then I thought about the fact that is Baptism brings us into a community of faith then maybe this Year of Faith is a time to think even more deeply about our Baptism. At all Baptisms and Confirmations we stand and say that we believe in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and in the Church of Jesus Christ, then the priest says "This is our faith, this is the faith of the Church, we are proud to confess it."Are we proud to confess it?

We talk about faith as a gift and we say that it is a gift not only for me as an individual, but as a gift for the whole Church. Do we see ourselves as a gift for the Church, do we help others to love the church? This Synod is about Evangelisation. If we see Faith as a gift for ourselves and for others, then surely we must tell others about this incredible gift of God to us.

With all good wishes and every blessing