Fifth and most interesting Synod for me

Yesterday we listened to 70 interventions and then about another 20 in the “free” hour at the end of the day. Many of them brought up the topic of divorce and remarriage and expressed a deep concern for those people whose marriages break up through no fault of their own, then meet someone else and wish to marry and are not able to because they cannot get an annulment, and therefore cannot receive the Eucharist. There was deep concern expressed by many, and a real pastoral interest in what can be done. There was also a big call to simplify the Tribunal processes and to look for ways to allow some decisions to be made in the local dioceses. Even those who do not favour such options did express that this is a complex and difficult problem. Pope Francis listened at all times and I believe was showing deep concern.

Today will be the last full day on interventions, we were told last night that 50 are scheduled for today, so I am off to the Synod Hall now for another long day of listening.

This is the 5th Synod I have attended and without a doubt the most interesting, and the small group work is yet to come!!!

With every blessing