The halfway point

Today we go straight into the Synod Hall and will listen to Cardinal Erdo’s RELATIO ANTE DISCEPTATIONEM.The means that the cardinal has been working all weekend on this paper which will be a kind of summary of all that has happened so far. At the beginning of last week he presented his RELATIO ANTE DISCEPTATIONEM, which was a very good presentation. Now that the interventions have all finished and we have heard them all he will present this today in the first session, then the second session this morning and for the next days, all Tuesday and all Wednesday we will debate this in our small groups. Somehow I have to sum it all up and present it on behalf of our group, we are a mixed group occluding three Curial Cardinals and three from dioceses.

That’s why I have been saying I need prayers for this week, and I have heard from many people in New Zealand that they are praying for us, for which I am most grateful.

With every blessing
+ John