The Message to the Church of the World

Archbishop John blogs from the Synod on the New Evangelisation for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.

Today at the Synod we accepted the Message which has now gone out to the Church of the world, I think it has already appeared on websites. I was part of the Committee that prepared the Message and in some way it sums up all that has been happening here these last three weeks. I hope that it will be picked up by anyone in leadership in the Church, in parishes and schools and that it will be used for prayer and reflection so that everyone will begin to think about what they need to do for the New Evangelisation.

We also heard the Final Propositions read out which will be voted on tomorrow by the Synod.

However one of today's highlights for me was hearing from a number of people who had not had the chance to make interventions until today, most were religious or lay people who are involved in New Movements or some particular outreach. The Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity spoke quoting Mother Teresa who said once when speaking about why they serve the poorest of the poor, "We do not do this for something, we do it for Someone." There was a woman who spoke about "New Horizons" a movement she founded herself to care for street kids, drug addicts, acoholics, she too was inspiring as she talked about the people she ministers to, she described them as only outward signs of the real problem, and that is they have no soul, no hope and nothing to live for.

People from Focolare spoke, a woman from Nigeria talking about the things women are doing to help each other, a man from the US who is involved with Campus Ministry who told the Synod that the laity do not need protecting by the clergy, but are eagerly waiting to be co-responsible with the clergy. Another person spoke about how he sees parishes as ,"sleeping giants" as "bears who are hibernating" but the people are not being given a chance in some parts of the world to be the Church they so much want to be,

So, final full day is tomorrow and then the Closing Mass on Sunday,

With all good wishes and every blessing